Before you begin...


Welcome to Whole Soul Yoga. My name is Michelle Spencer and it is my pleasure to serve you as your teacher. If you are new to the practice of yoga there are a few things you might like to observe before you begin.

* You must register for classes online or at the studio. Go to the classes page and click register (fill in your details) and I will then reserve your place.  Alternatively you can put your name down for classes at the studio in person. If that class happens to be full I will let you know as soon as I receive your registration. 

*I will send you a confirmation text the day of  your class. If you wish to cancel,  you must let me know within 4 hours or you will be charged the full amount of the class.

* All bookings for private classes and workshops are final and non refundable. 

*I do have some studio shared mats that you are welcome to use but I would advise you to bring your own. Your mat is your personal space in class and it holds both the energy of your practice and your feet germs! Better to hang out in your own vibe with your own critters! (although I do regularly clean my mats).

*Please park on the street. The studio is located in Everton hills. Because it is my home, I prefer not to post the address online but when you register and tick the new student box, I'll send you my address. Walk down the driveway, through the grey gate and continue down the grass ramp to the entrance. Please remove shoes before entering the studio.

* I love serving herbal tea before every class. Please come 10mins early and join us for a cup of tea. If you are late for class, please wait outside until after we have completed a short relaxation practice before taking your place.

* Please remember to leave all belongings outside the yoga space and switch phones to silent.

*Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. A fitted singlet preserves your modesty in upside down postures!

*Please inform me of any injuries before class

*Listen to your body and work within comfortable boundaries. I encourage you to rest when you need to and never do postures that don’t feel right for your body.

*I am honoured that you’ve chosen to attend my classes and I care about your needs. If there is anything you want to tell me or any suggestions you have for our classes together, please see me after class.

With my warmest intention to serve your highest good, Your friend.

Frequently asked questions...

Can I come to yoga if I have physical challenges?

The answer is "Yes"! I guide all of my students to honour their bodies within the practice. If we are doing something that is not right for your body, please rest and join in when you're ready. The healing energy of a class group is always uplifting and energising even when you face physical, mental or emotional challenges.

Can I bring my children to class?

I don't teach children's classes but your children can attend class once they are sixteen years of age (accompanied by an adult). Alternatively you can share a private class-read on!

Can I share a private class?

I charge $65 for a private class and I'm happy for up to three people to share the class.  I can then tailor the class to suit the group.

Can I share a class pass? Can one of my friends/family use a class off my pass?

Yes, but strictly only between two people and this applies to the 12 class pass only.

I just realised I cant come to class 30 mins prior, will I be charged?

I'm afraid so. Unfortunately I am a small studio with limited space so I need to be firm on bookings. It might be that the class is full or it might be that the numbers are low. Either way, I work hard to prepare classes for us and for our community to work, bookings are necessary.