Sweet stuffed chillies


We've got some chillies growing in the garden that should come with a warning.

These verdant bombs of blasting heat look innocent enough, until the seeds creep through your mouth like mustard gas. Holy smoke! Hot, Hot, Hot.

I hate to waste them, so I need to add some cooling goats cheese to wrangle them back to safety. Some honey drizzled over before serving will make them dance and a sprinkle of black salt is going start making things interesting! The seeds are going as far from my little ones as possible, there just too hot for our weak western palate.

My beloved bought me this black salt. It's flavoured with activated charcoal and acts as a natural detoxifier. It does taste slightly smokey but I think the visual effect of adding a sprinkle to milky cheeses or pasta is where it's beauty shines.

This took me about the same amount of time to eat as it took me to make. Delish!

sweet stuffed chillies

* Preheat oven to 200degrees

* Wash and halve chillies. Ive used sweet chilli balls and jalapeños and scrape out seeds. Fill each half with good quality goats cheese and give it a little olive oil love.

* Roast for 10-15 minutes and then drizzle with honey while they're still warm. Sprinkle with salt flakes and serve with an ice cold organic beer.