A good patch



The garden has a magnetic pull at this time of year.

The sun's winter trajectory means that I am drawn to sunny spots in the vegetable patch, too soon they pass. The shade contains the bitter chill of some strange southern clime, as foreign to my bones as fallen snow. I like warm weather.

For this simple reason the patch has had a rather glamorous makeover! David has begun to research his next project- aquaponics. But before we venture into unknown territory, we decide to tart up the existing veggie garden that has been serving us well.

The broccoli has invited so many unwanted friends, I've been hunting for some organic repellent for these grubby freeloaders! The cucumbers have just finished and have been replaced with zucchini. My beets have slowed down for winter (haven't we all?) but the carrots are coming along nicely.

Nobody works like my beloved! He's up with the birds surveying the days job list. He digs and saws and builds. The hardware store must delight in his arrival, he never leaves without the ute dragging under his heavy haul. Timber and concrete, stakes and rocks, he works away the weekends. I'm astounded at his handiwork! Everything seems is transformed under his hands.

His latest project is fantastic. A walkway around the patch makes me instantly loom over the beds, a little elevation makes it easier to reach the middle crop. Besides the practicality, it looks great. Soft herbs can be soothed by a little shade while the top bed revs up the heat for mediterranean herbs.

I can't wait for tomatoes, they've started to shoot up for spring. They're eager and hardy, like me they like the warmer weather but they will ride winter out. My eggplant however seem to be suffering, once glossy brown and gorgeous, they're now a dull wheaten green. Hopefully a little love might save them.

I wonder if I'll ever leave this house. I'm so connected to these days that pass gently and this land that  unfolds with each passing year. I love the slow mornings and chasing the light around the rooms. In summer I know the best place for a snooze in the shade and each season has it's turn, that time in the day that begs me to stop and take notice.

 Michelle xx