Loving my feet on the ground

I love it when the postman brings packages! I'm afraid I must confess to loving a bit of online shopping and I was thrilled when my new juil sandals arrived (despite the fact that it is currently not the weather for slides here in Queensland!). Juil make 'grounding' sandals and are popular with yogis and healthy-livin types. They have a huge range of sandals and ballet flats, all with earthing technology.
So my first impression is that they are super comfy although I was pre warned to go up a size because they are a little on the small side so check your measurements. The soul is very flexible and you can't feel the copper studs at all. I love my birkenstocks but I could definitely alternate with these puppies, they feel like slippers! They are a tad wide but I do have a very narrow foot.
I don't know if I'm more grounded than I was yesterday, I think that could take a bit more time to determine. Gosh knows I could do with some grounding.
A few weeks ago I had an altercation with a pole whilst driving my car.
One minute I was happily and somewhat absentmindedly moseying down a back street and then my tyres hit an oil slick.......
What's happening?
Where's the road/cars/posts?
This is a surprise!
When will I stop?
This isn't good.
Bang! Stopped!
Awareness is an interesting beast, it seems to expand time to encompass so much more perception. There is so much space in those seconds that demand your attention, simply because there's no where else to be. I am fine but my car is not. It struck me afterwards how much time I spend stargazing and cloudshaping. My head is often to be found floating around somewhere skyward whilst my body carries on the mundane business of doing and driving. I'm a dreamy lass.
But today I feel the need for some 'earthing', to be more present and in the moment. I realise that whilst 'chilled' has it's advantages, awareness is something I need to work on. 
Be here now.
Michelle xxx

Oh and by the way, I wasn't paid to say nice things about juil :)