lets talk love

Ask most people what they need to be happy and I think you will find love near the top of their list. Many people will say that they "love too much" or they "need to be loved" or "are unloveable".
It seems that it has become a currency of sorts, a commodity to be traded. Sadly, many of us see a deficit, we have issues with family or romantic love, old baggage that we drag around. Love looms in the equation of our happiness, our self worth and our identity. We look for it in others and we measure it in ourselves.
Many people believe that it is our purpose in this life, to give and receive love. There may be some valuable truth in this idea but I wonder if we really understand what it is?
Is this idea of owning love a shimmering mirage to a thirsty soul? Is it life's lottery that we somehow win by our birthright or our beauty? I've given this some thought and I'd like to believe that the universe provides a purer pathway to it's pinnacle of benevolence and compassion.
Imagine for a moment that Love is like an ocean. It's vast and calm and when you enter the water it's warmth surrounds you. Imagine that the water fills up the minuscule spaces between the atoms that makeup your entire being. That it fills every void, every hurt, every longing.
We cannot own the sea. With an open heart we accept that it just is. We are changed by it's current, it's buoyancy lifts us, it embraces us without judgement. We make the decision to enter a state of Love, we decideand in doing so we are forever transformed.
Every day we can make this choice. We enter Love by participating in loving acts and kindness towards all beings, including ourselves. In this way we nourish our soul and care for others. Love isn't traded. It isn't given or taken away or even hard to get. It is available to all of us, at all times. Every loving act is a step towards Love, so we must be mindful in our choices. Be aware of negativity and know that very angry thought moves us further from the embrace of our elation.