Dirty Deeds and Naughty Forties

IMG_1848 I've spent a wonderful morning cleaning.

But before you have it in your head that I'm one one those batty women that like housework (???). No. I am not. The absolute stand out blog that I've read this year was a scientist telling us all to Eat Clean and Live Dirty. Holyfreakinghalelujliah! It's apparently good for your immune system to have dust in your life.

Do your worst ebola, we're good here.

I spent the morning doing my housework whilst talking on the phone with my best friend. For a few hours. I cleaned all the bathrooms, swept the floors, did some laundry and tidied out the weird stuff in my fridge. All whilst we solved the troubles and celebrated the good stuff in our lives. We've been friends for so long our kids are almost the age we were when we met. She is an important part of my village and I will love her until she finally admits that her hair was slightly larger than mine in 1992....and she has a little thing for country.

The point is she has made some of my worst times funny and my best times perfect. She's probably the only thing I've kept from the nineties- anyone for bike pants?? She even makes cleaning fun which has to be her secret superpower. I can't believe we're both turning forty. When are we going to get old?

We did so much good work together today that I was exhausted by the time we got off the phone and required sustenance. Enter my new creation, with a few little surprises in the name of friendship.xx


Beet and barley salad

Dehydrated beetroot slices (if you don't have a dehydrator, cook them dry, no oil in a fan forced oven on a low heat until dry)

1 cup cooked cooled barley

½ cup cooked cooled wild rice

½ cup chopped soft herbs (I used parsley, mint and coriander)

2 T sliced toasted almonds

1 T chia seeds

1 T raw cacao nibs

good quality goats cheese to serve


1 T raspberry vinegar

½ lemon juiced

3 T olive oil

1 T honey

Pinch salt


* Make your dressing in a small jar and shake well to combine.

*Put your goats cheese and dehydrated beet chips aside.

*Toss remaining ingredients in a medium bowl with dressing.

*Top with beet chips and goats cheese.

*Divide into two bowls and share with your bestie.

Michelle xx