Lest we speak it.....

IMG_0169 What's the worst word in your vocabulary?

(Keep it classy folks!)

Yesterday, I embarked on a whole new learning journey to become a yoga teacher and I was reminded of the most dangerous word to ever run through my brain. Worse still when it leaves my mouth in the company of wholesome folk. Such a word really _____ be irradiated at all costs.

"Should". For me it's right up their with 'diet' and 'doctors'. However, the latter two are rarely uttered by my brain, preferring instead to avoid such unpleasant terms lest I upset my delicate disposition. 'Should' is the single greatest threat to our happiness and to a greater degree, our self acceptance.

"I should have studied more."

"I should be smarter."

"I should be more flexible."

There's a few happiness thieves right there. I'm tempted to remind myself that I shouldn't say it, but then it just takes my hand and leads me back to the problem. So instead I'm going to remind myself that I am in perfect place, in perfect time.

And more importantly, all is well.

Anatomy is going to infiltrate my brain with such force that I'll have no where to store such gems as.....Jellyfish eat and poop out of the same orifice or grasshoppers have ears on their knees. Or that ancient Greek dentists used stingray venom as anaesthetic.

Sanskrit is totally going to inhabit the dusty vestibules that house the really weird stuff like...kangaroos have three vaginas or 'almost' is the longest word with all the letters in alphabetical order. I still have a little room left in my grey matter for some important stuff.

I just need to trust myself and have a little faith in divine order.

All is well.

Michelle xx