My friend is nesting. She is ripe with child and lovely in her tight skin. Not long until she meets her first child, she speaks of anticipation, taking a huge leap in hand with her beloved. In him, she has chosen well, a gentle soul weighed a little heavier with his role of Father, he will do well. Soon both are  soon to be lighter, with the birth of their new son.

It made me think of my own babies. It seems like yesterday they were so small. Before the messy bedrooms and homework, it was a lovely time of soft skin and hours spent wishing just for them. All that advice. Everybody had some, and yet I found my own way, as all women do, on this new planet of parenthood.

So many celebrations, so little advice. Here are my favourites-

-I used to put two fingers on my babies chests and feel their fluttery rhythm. It made me think of being very small and my grandfather gently showing me how to hold a bird.

-Babies smell like warm milk and nanna soap. This perfect smell feels like a primal memory buried deep that unleashes the crazylove.

-Their ankles are like tiny peas.

-To their tiny minds and untouched hearts you are like the entire cosmos in the loveliest mama skin. They care nothing of your priors, you are purely Love and Light.

-You will kiss his baby hair so many times that the memory of that gossamer softness will live forever in your synapses.

-Your beautiful husband will look at you like you're a magician. There is power in this. Use it to make him do laundry.

-Nobody wants to be awake at 3am but the house is so quiet and there is so much joy to be found in that sleepy stillness.

-Even though your arms and legs have never failed you, you will worry constantly about losing control of your extremities and dropping them. It's weird.

-He will cry and so will you, but each day of his life you will love him. And if you listen for it, each day he will tell you that you are enough, just as you are.

Good luck darling friend. The best times are before you both.xx