Soul food


When I was a girl my mum called me Chicken Liver.

I have no idea why? Despite the strange offally tag, it was said sweetly, as a term of endearment. I'm a little sheepish to admit that I still get it when I'm a bit poorly, as I have been this week.

In need of a bit of comfort, I do like to spend a bit of time with 'The Girls'. Anyone who has had chickens will tell you they're a bit like dogs with wings. They are always pleased to see you and run at you whenever they hear you coming... Probably because they expect you have food.

 And sadly for them, they make great soup. Which is another thing I crave when I'm a bit low.

I thought I would share my favourite 'under the weather soup'. Not that it's really mine. Those saucy Romans invented this one and it's good simple food at it's best. Make sure your eggs are fresh and use the best brown (roast) chicken stock. (don't tell the girls that part!)

Stracciatella alla Romano

(this serves one patient)

Brown chicken stock

1 free range egg

2T chopped parsley

1T parmesan cheese grated

Beat egg, cheese and parsley in a bowl. Boil your stock and add egg mix. Count to three and stir.  Serve hot with buttered sourdough. You'll be better in no time.