Raising Warriors

IMG_1954 He is simply magical.

Perceptible and kind, he is wise beyond his years. Although lately I sense a change in this child. He retreats to his cave, gets angry and righteous, he feels the pain of others keenly. He is emotional and sometimes withdrawn, a rocking-roller-coaster boy.

The term 'indigo child' was thrown around when he was younger. He saw the world differently and tethered himself to his mama, lest he lost his way. He was an old soul in a rapidly changing world. Now, he is becoming more of himself each day, no longer so tied to me. I pray he makes choices that honour his spirit.

I believe that humans are evolving. Our children are changing and having to find their own way in a world that is different to the one we entered. This doesn't mean however that we are raising a gentle generation of little buddhas. Quite the contrary. These children are warriors, agitators, tornadoes. It is our job to guide them on a peaceful path.

Children are not supposed to be easy. Certainly not the children born with vision and a fire in their belly. Many times I have sat with a heart-hurt mama while she wonders why her child is difficult or so determined. I've been that woman! I get it. I often ask if she was an easy  little girl? Were you not born with a head full of stars and a lit fuse??

.....uh? Oh yeah, I remember.

Raising warriors is a call to centre. It's a request for calm and steady and a will towards finding the mountain within. The Mama Mountain. Which is really just a big 'ol rock for those little ones to cling to in the storm of adolescence (or terrible twos, or threes, eights). For us, it's a whole lot of deep breathing and light loving and patience.

The kids will be ok. We'll be so much wiser when they're through with us. So much better for having been whipped into shape by the wind at their back. We will grow, while they are busy coming home to consciousness in order to change the whole world.

I will honour my children as my greatest teachers and be thankful for the learning.