Five minute sweets. When is dessert really not dessert?

IMG_0205 It's been said before that I'm a little bit like a cocker spaniel. If you feed me, I'll be your friend for life.

That's pretty much all it takes to start a friendship. Some shared plates, some wine perhaps or coffee and a laugh. Secrets whispered over almond shortbread, problems solved over pizza and lots of celebrations. I love cooking for friends. It's my way of showing someone that they have an important place in my life, that I'm happy they are here to pull up a chair.

Life really is that simple, sometimes we forget what matters, but I am often reminded at my table. This is the place for friendship.

The one thing I have trouble with is dessert. I don't really have a sweet tooth and to be honest I rarely even have sugar in the pantry- guests are often left to drizzle a little honey in their tea. I often don't even consider dessert until it's an afterthought...

So what to serve? This recipe isn't really a recipe. It's my last minute go to and works every time. If you buy sweetened yogurt you don't need to do anything but add a little agar and milk. Be sure to tart it up with some edible flowers or pretty fruit so your guests feel like it took you forever!

Yogurt pannacotta with blueberries

1 cup good greek yogurt

1 cup milk (or almond milk)

2 T honey

1 vanilla bean (seeds scraped)

2 t agar flakes

* heat milk with vanilla seeds and bean, over medium heat and stir in agar until dissolved.

* strain into a mixing bowl and whisk in yogurt and honey

* set in small moulds or silicone small muffin trays

* set in fridge for about two hours until firm.

* garnish with seasonal fruit.

* feel a little smug knowing that your kids think they're getting desert but it's really just fruit and yogurt. :)

Michelle xx