So you think you're a feminist?

IMG_1518 What does a feminist look like?

Not I said the fly.  (perhaps)

I have devoted most of the last thirteen years to the guidance of my three amazing children. Sometimes I have totally nailed the top job of motherhood and I've had woeful moments that I'd rather not talk about.

(Like the completely insensitive conversation I had with the kids when their cat died or the time I made my son wear the monstrous chicken sculpture on his head for the Easter parade.)

I am happiest in the kitchen and spend hours baking and preparing food from my kitchen garden. Nobody leaves my home without a full belly and a bunch of greens for later. The kettle is always on or there's something in the fridge. "Pull up a stool, I have time." This bright and airy space is where I most identify with being me, amongst the pans and promise of a good meal with family. This is home.

I totally rock a red lip and I love a good beauty tip! Nothing makes me happier than a few hours well spent with an amazing gal, good friends are the great treasure in this life. I am not the vain ingenue of my wasted youth but I still take care of my business. I eat well, I exercise most days and I spend too much money on clothes. I have flowing hair envy, because mine is a shaggy mop that grows oddly sideways. (??)

I'm devoted to my partner even when he's not at his best. Sometimes we are not, myself included.

All this and a big fancy hat I like to call 'feminist'. It looks good on me and it will look equally good on my daughter and great on my sons (yes, they get to wear it too). You only need one simple belief to wear it and it needs to be a non negotiable rule....choice.

Thats it.

So beautiful people, let it all hang out or pluck yourself like a broiled chook, I care not. Wear cheesecloth or jimmy choos, suspenders or birkenstocks. You can read The Feminine Mystique or Fifty shades of whatever, I haven't read either and I probably won't. None of it matters when it comes to celebrating your magnificence. I just want you to make choices and if you don't like your choices.

I want you to make new ones.

For you.

Nobody gets to take away that choice and if they want to, well, I would choose to look closely at their character. You still get to choose whether you want to put a thousand miles between you or share a china set. Hell, we all make dodgy choices sometimes, I know I have. To my children and my friends I would whisper "choose wisely". 

An unhappy relationship can make the days long and the years short. Choose well and be happy.

Michelle xx