Cedar creek

Cedar Creek


We walk carefully over rocks, feet cooled by the water. The boys scamper ahead, as boys do, yearning for a freedom not often afforded our tethered youth.


My Noah is off, powered by adventure, he hits the lead and the afternoon breeze lifts his curls as he disappears over a fallen tree. Not much gets in that young mans way. I admire him as I tentatively map my way over slippery rocks.


Isaac has my camera and I am impressed with what he brings to me. His shots are beautifully framed. I see an artists eye. His busy brain is at work, these days I feel his mind is with many things. He pauses as he sees me notice him and gives me a big easy grin. Thats enough sunshine to make my day.


Our Charlotte holds daddy's hand. She looks to him to lead her in this unfamiliar place. For now. She is quietened by concentration, her small feet following his. He lifts her into the gentle current and she squeals as the water takes her weight. Face up to the sky, she is so lovely.


I am the straggler, thinking about how rushed we have become, how scheduled. I vow to do this more. To take a few hours to ground ourselves in nature. Anchored by the trees and the breeze. We are together, our troubles washed down a riverbed.

As the sun goes down, we head for home.






Thank you to Isaac for the lovely photos