Not-a-green-juice cheesy beans with chilli and rosemary crispy-polenta-deep-fried goodness

IMG_2590Look, to be fair, I do have green juice and granola days. I do. They aren't as frequent as I would like and they tend to be rather balanced. And by balanced I'm talkin green juice and hot chips. Are you picking up what I'm putting down here folks?

I'm a girl that all about balance.

So, I wanted to ditch the wheaty breakfasts, all that toasty deliciousness was making me, well..... bloated. I woke up dreaming of beans (because god knows they were never responsible for a belly full of gas!) but I needed a crispy counterpart.

"Welcome fried Polenta, top of the sunny morning to your crunchy self. Now get in my cake hole !!"

I used my usual beans recipe. You can get it here. But they weren't quite badass enough to stand up to my spicy polenta wedges. So I smothered it all in cheese and popped it under a hot grill. Holy snappin people! Mamma needed a little horizontal meditation after this plate of cheesy-chaff.

IMG_2592Cook your polenta as per the instructions on the pack (but make it quite dry)-different brands require methods. I cooked mine in buttermilk for a slightly cheesy finish but you can just use milk or water.. Once it's done, add a handful of parmesan, a tablespoon of chopped rosemary and some chopped chilli. Season to taste.

Pop the mix into a silicone tray or a lined tray. Refrigerate for an hour or so- I left mine overnight. Turn out onto a chopping board and cut into pieces. Fry on both sides in a little olive oil and enjoy with the cheesy beans. Top with a little parsley (greens are really important folks).

IMG_2594Maybe take it easy on the serving size. Maybe just clear your schedule for the morning. Maybe have a green juice instead of a double espresso.

Yeah, I'm all about the balance. Breakfast of champions.

IMG_2596Michelle xx