Itchy, scratchy, cranky and a whole lot of gratitude.


Agh friends, lately I've been a bit restless.

You know the feeling? Itchy, scratchy, cranky. Waiting for change or chance but not sure which? Snappy at the kids or just plain grummoxed. You understand I'm sure, like when you don't know why you're so out of sorts.

It started a week ago when a long term project I'd been working on ended. Unfinished. I just had a really strong feeling it was over and I had somewhere else to be. My energy shifted immediately and I haven't thought of it since.

But for the last week I have been doing some stomping about saying "What now?" to the ceiling. I found my answer and a lovely new friend. One of those gorgeous girls that feel like a soul sister and she had a really exciting opportunity to offer me. It proved to me that if we seek change two things are usually necessary.

We need to make room.
We need to recognise restlessness as a whisper of possibility..and be patient.

I used to feel like I was supposed to be doing something, but what?? I always felt like I was meant to be somewhere else. It wasn't until I relaxed into my life and occupied the fullness of each day that I was able to start figuring out my path. And amazing, kind, people showed up to help.

Present and patient my Friends. I am so grateful to that beautiful soul who showed me a little picture of a potential pathway.

I can't wait to begin a new phase. Today!!

What do you need to begin??

We are free....

IMG_1187 You and I are just a whole bunch of stories.

We might think we're skin and bones and hungry bellies, but thats just another yarn we hold close. And so we should. There's some precious truth in that tale after all, us being of the flesh and full of life.(Look after the vessel.)

But today we told ourselves a story.

And yesterday.

I am guilty of telling myself all about what I should have done and didn't. Moments all tangled in a past tense that keeps perpetuating. It's gone my friend. That story has no future if you'll pardon me stating the obvious. I suggest you thin it out, take only what you need and leave the rest for dust (and it's all just waste on the wind).

We're free you and I. Much more so than our busy lives would have us believe.

We are free to speak gentle words full of praise and pretending. Funny make believe fancies. Stories worth reading over tea and toast, with a blanket and a beloved. Or tell a tale of whimsy for your pint sized pirate or  sleepy eyed princess.

Tell yourself a nice story at 3am, when you worry the sun from the inky night sky, as the house creaks and shadows fall down the hall. Ask that fearful, cynical you to take a long nap while you write yourself anew.

Clean down the page and start again.


You get to choose your character, make her good and strong and kind. And big. Please make her big and bold and let her fill the page with purpose. Make her laugh often and long. Fill the moments in between with words of friendship and gratitude. Make her a generous cook and a great listener and give her a strong back for all she holds aloft. Put a babe at her feet and fill her arms with family. Give her soulful eyes and a warm smile (and shiny locks).

Give her the strength to move past the wrongs in her wake. It's just dust out the door. Forgive all the villains, they didn't know they could be someone else, brave and strong and good. Be gentle with the scared ones and patient with the silly.

Life will be a glorious adventure my friend.

If you speak it so.


Lest we speak it.....

IMG_0169 What's the worst word in your vocabulary?

(Keep it classy folks!)

Yesterday, I embarked on a whole new learning journey to become a yoga teacher and I was reminded of the most dangerous word to ever run through my brain. Worse still when it leaves my mouth in the company of wholesome folk. Such a word really _____ be irradiated at all costs.

"Should". For me it's right up their with 'diet' and 'doctors'. However, the latter two are rarely uttered by my brain, preferring instead to avoid such unpleasant terms lest I upset my delicate disposition. 'Should' is the single greatest threat to our happiness and to a greater degree, our self acceptance.

"I should have studied more."

"I should be smarter."

"I should be more flexible."

There's a few happiness thieves right there. I'm tempted to remind myself that I shouldn't say it, but then it just takes my hand and leads me back to the problem. So instead I'm going to remind myself that I am in perfect place, in perfect time.

And more importantly, all is well.

Anatomy is going to infiltrate my brain with such force that I'll have no where to store such gems as.....Jellyfish eat and poop out of the same orifice or grasshoppers have ears on their knees. Or that ancient Greek dentists used stingray venom as anaesthetic.

Sanskrit is totally going to inhabit the dusty vestibules that house the really weird stuff like...kangaroos have three vaginas or 'almost' is the longest word with all the letters in alphabetical order. I still have a little room left in my grey matter for some important stuff.

I just need to trust myself and have a little faith in divine order.

All is well.

Michelle xx