Dog days and soft exotic silence...

IMG_1819 It's cold here, and grey. I'm having one of those dreary days where plans just don't come off and self doubt comes creeping.

It's a day for turning in, with the dog for company and something warm on the stove. Woolly socks and the soft exotic silence of an empty house....

A bunch of kale from the garden begs to be eaten, it threatens to give up it's crisp curly leaves if I don't answer the call. Today is not a kale chip day. It's possibly a potato chip day, but kale? Non. I need something to wrap my hands around, a big bowl of warm cheer-the-hell-up.


I have a good organic stock in the pantry and there's always a tin of beans around. Lunch will take minutes, I've no steam for fussy preparation. I rinse my beans and heat my stock to boiling. The kale gets a quick chop-over with a knife and goes into the broth for two minutes with the lightly smashed beans. I grate some garlic and good quality parmesan and throw it in too. A squeeze of lemon lifts the whole pot to perfection.

Lunch was eaten slowly and went a long way to restoring my vigour. The dog licked the bowl and took me out for a walk. Sometimes all we need is a little self nurture to see the days possibilities.

Michelle  xx