Killer lips and poisonous pouts...gathering goodness at the cosmetic counter.

IMG_1729My partner has no idea what I really look like. It's been about eight months since he saw me out of pyjamas. Nighties, onesies and flowery-flannelette-failures. This is the me that the poor man comes home to. I work from home, I dress after he leaves for work and by the time his key hits the front door, I'm back in my bed gear. Lucky fella.

Even during the day I'm hardly glamorous, my kids definitely aren't about to qualify as the fashion police. My one ticket to staying in the game is a smokin' hot lipstick!

A while ago I decided to switch to organic beauty products in an effort to ditch the nasties. As I became more educated I discovered that lipstick is the worst offender and my favourite shade (bright red) was the king of the beasts! There is toxic carcinogens and dangerous neurotoxins (like lead) in many commercially available brands.

So I switched to organic lipsticks and made another horrible discovery....they're a bit rubbish. My apologies to the wholesome manufacturers of meritorious slap, but your colours are boring and your reds are....well.....brown. Nevermind if you're not sure of the shade because it will only last ten minutes anyway.

If I eat organic broccoli, can I use a little wayward warpaint???


Then I discovered ilia lipsticks. Hallefreakinlujah. I promise I'm not being paid for this endorsement, but buy-it-now Girls! It took me a while to find them in Australia (I bought them online from I am natural store and they arrived next day!) and I'm obsessed.


I bought Arabian Knights which is a lovely sheer plum shade that looks really natural with a quick coat or a deep dramatic berry when you apply with gusto. My favourite shade is sadly a limited edition called Crimson and Clover. The best thing about this classic red is the wear factor. It stains your lips so you don't end up with the red-ring-of-doom after a drink or a smooch. Best red ever, organic or not!

Anywho, I'm still on the look out for other natural products, so if you've discovered anything you love, leave me a comment. Sharing is caring. :)

Michelle xx