Letting go under a pink moon....

IMG_0476 I never was one for organised religion. Even as a child, it just seemed to present an opportunity for  debate. I could no more get my tiny mind around the idea of the resurrection, than leap to believe in fairies. It just wasn't the path for me.

I happily embraced the religious holidays however, but only the ones that promised chocolate or presents or both. Throw in a fictional bunny or two and I was all for it. Bit of craft and a big family meal and I had bells on.

The moon at Easter is called a pink moon. Pink for springtime in the Americas-it's named after wildflowers blooming and reminds us of new life. As an adult, Easter has come to represent a kind of resurrection of my own. It asks the question, "What can I let go of in order to become more of myself? What no longer serves me?" Easter is a time for renewal.

As we get older it's quite normal for us to cart around a whole heap of 'stuff'. Old, outdated beliefs that mask themselves as home truths. Our mind can replay the same old songs that we just don't need to dance to anymore. So how do we let go? ......by letting go.

Saturday April fourth is the Easter moon. Clean the house, take a long bath and ask yourself what needs to go in order for you to radiate your unique light into the world. What is creating shadows in your life and how can you leave it behind?

Gather it all up and hold it a moment, you can do this metaphorically or by writing it down. Take a moment to thank your experience for what is has taught you. Light a fire under the Easter moon, burn sage and leave it in the fire. Invite your children to do the same. It's a beautiful practice to teach young children, introduce them to the power of choice. (and what kid doesn't like to burn stuff?)

It is no longer.

Moment by moment, we are transformed by our intention. Each day offers the opportunity for change and everyday we choose what we carry on our backs. Rituals like these can help us to decide who we are and where we're going. By connecting our present intention to old religious observation, we tap into the power of devotion. We walk with the ancients. We might choose not to put our faith in organised religion- but we can put our faith in our humanity. We can choose to be the best version of ourselves in order to serve our families, our friends and our planet.

This is how we change the world.