The power of Positive

IMG_1876 Call me crazy but I still believe we can achieve a peaceful world.

I believe in grace and goodness and humanity. I believe we can heal with energy and intention. You might be fooled into thinking I'm a new ager but the truth is far more ordinary with a distinct lack of cheesecloth.

I'm a mum and a partner and dare I say house wife. I'm middle-class, middle-of-the-road, vanilla. The most 'out there' thing about me is that I believe in my ability to make a difference. I believe you can too. We make a difference in our words, our parenting and our purpose. We can spend our thoughts on the size of our backside or healing the pain of humanity.

Too big? Not really. Too simple? Says who?

See a news story that hurts your heart? Send the victims loving kindness and a prayer for their pain. Hear a sad story of a friend's friend? Spare a second to wish them well on their way and the sincere hope that their fortune might change.

Doesn't make a difference? .....or it might.

I'm not a religious person but I do believe in 'prayer'. I believe in a moment spent connecting with the divine. Om Shanti. We send a small energetic wave of peace into the universe. Better that than wishing for a small butt people! Teach your children that their thoughts are powerful tools for progress. Teach them to tidy their thoughts in the same way they tidy their rooms. Find grace in the privilege of parenthood.

I've started to use a mala in my meditation. I found a wonderfully ethical producer of beautiful 108 bead malas. Maha Mala believe in their unique contribution to this process of 'sending out' and it's reflected in their craft. Their work is made with care and a conscience, you can check out the range here. If anyone would prefer to purchase a mala in Australia (and therefore reduce the cost of postage) message me and I will pass on the details of an Australian distributer. It will be in your healing hands in a few days! :)

Join me in sending out a prayer for peace. Most days I perform 'Japa' . I start at the guru bead and pass each of the stones through my index finger and thumb while chanting a mantra for each bead. When I arrive at the lotus pendant I send a prayer for my family. By using a mala in your practice, you imbue the semiprecious stones with the energy of your intention.

In this way your mala becomes a energetic vessel, a holder of your highest vibration and a conduit for healing.

.....and no, as usual, I don't get paid to say nice things about this company. I just believe in sharing the love Folks. :)


My prayer for peace.....

IMG_1612 copyAre you tender to the ways of the world? Does the news leave you saddened and feeling like it's all gone to hell in a handbag? Me too. Which is why I haven't  posted anything in a while. I've been enjoying a media fast. A whole week of no television news, no radio, no Facebook (and no blogging). Just a little rest, a moment to inhale deeply and be at peace. What a lovely gift to a girl like me who feels the worries of the world in my heart.

I enjoyed my little optimistic interlude. I felt much more at peace and centred. Then yesterday I turned on the news....

(I have no words)

No breath even.

All we can do is pray. I'm not even sure who I'm praying to? I don't think it matters. As long as our prayers fill the air out there. 

Take the heavy from

your shoulders,

Throw your grievances, 

to the ground.

The war ended yesterday.

It’s over.

Today there is no battle,

no harm to your home,

Your family are safe.


(May you walk in sunshine,

breathe long,

Might the smell of your mama

remind you?)

Bury your weapons,

Let the Earth keep them cold.

Burn your boots

and open your heart.

The children,

missed their fathers,

and laid their hope,

in your bloody hands.

(May fear leave your fists.

Might your palms find prayer.)