Packed lunch salad jar

IMG_1859 Who doesn't love a weekend workshop??

It is my absolute favourite way to learn almost anything (I have no real interest in performing open heart surgery or running the country so we're all safe). :)

Because this method of learning is short and sweet, I believe you always get the best out of a teacher and the other participants. This weekend I'm attending a Fertility Yoga weekend with Yoga Baby. I'm very much looking forward to exploring  and embracing a whole bunch of feminine awesomeness!

As always, one of my first concern is lunch so I thought I'd share my jar salad with you. It took me 5 minutes to make and should keep me saluting the moon all day.

Salad jar packed lunch

½ cup quinoa

½ chopped granny smith

handful spinach

1 T chopped toasted walnuts

¼ avocado


1 t dijon mustard

1 T white wine vinegar

2 T olive oil

pinch salt.

* shake dressing in your chosen jar

* mix salad ingredients in a bowl and add dressing

*put everything back into your jar

Serves one hungry wisdom seeker :)