Speaking of the wolf...

IMG_0927 copy Sometimes it's really difficult to tell the truth.

In yoga we call it observing Satya, but it's pretty much one of the first lessons we learn in this life...tell the truth. Simple.

But sometimes it's ugly,



I made a commitment to myself recently to become someone who is brave enough to be honest and to tell my story. I've had my share of teeth clenching terror and cold dark hurting. The wolf has made it's den outside my door, I've been there.

But those days are past.

Now my life is all about warm hugs and muddy puddles. Singing around campfires and loud family dinners. The sun never leaves my back. I'm grateful that the tide has turned for me, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't use our voice in service for others. I have long ago forgiven and I often forget but I'm aware of my fortune in this regard.

Speak out against violence and abuse of any kind. Use your voice against those who harm our children and hurt our humanity. Just tell the truth.

Michelle xx

I am featured in the july issue of wild sister magazine speaking about the New Feminism. I was asked to tell my story in Be The Change.