A full cup.... (without the crazy)

024e0-img_0932 Are you brave enough to be truly happy?

Are you ready to look 'the drama' in the eye and politely refrain from opening the door?

"So sorry, we have our little cup of crazy. It's still full from the last time you visited, we won't be buying today."

It can be really quite hard to say no. Especially when your mum spent so much time telling you to play nice and you're very busy with the whole compassionate-Ahimsa-kind stuff. But it's wise to remember that while your days may be long, they are also finite, so it doesn't hurt to throw a little sweetness your own way too.

I have been guilty of being lead down the path of pessimism in the name of being polite. If I am to speak truthfully, it wasn't because I cared, it was because I didn't want to offend by saying no. Don't misunderstand me, I have also willingly spent a night in the storm, holding a friends hand, while she rocked and ranted. I've been that messy, tearful girl, all snotty tissues and tantrums. I know what true friendship is all about, that's a different dance.

I'm talking about the people that take and tax you. The ones that need and need and need. Those who don't understand boundaries and that you're busy just being content. The ones that mess with your qi and muck up your vibe. To those, it's ok to say no.

It's important to use your Big Girl voice and speak it with conviction. "No. Not today thank you, my cup is full."