Planting seeds of perfection

IMG_1612 copyThe other day I was talking to a student of mine who told me she was looking to improve her practice. She wanted to be better at yoga and a better version of herself. She wanted a stronger core and to lose weight. Sincere and sweet, I didn't want to risk offending her by my reaction to what she was saying. My response (in my head) came from a place of love- but to her ears it may have sounded a little like judgement. I made a vow to myself some time ago to be a Truthspeaker but I still struggle at times with the delicate balance of ahimsa (non-harming).

So I went home and spoke it aloud to the trees in my yard. Weird I know. But I really wanted them to pass it onto her somehow. Like some sort of arboreal osmosis, take these words and plant them in her lovely mind. While you're hands are dirty, put these seeds in my daughter's mind too.

What if today you were perfect?
With no air-brushing, no modification, no transformation at all. What if everybody, in every room, exploded into applause when you entered and smiled when you left?
What if you stopped searching and found everything?
What if when you looked in the mirror today, you saw what your mum sees?
Or your child, or your best friend?
What if you could see yourself with a heart full of love? What if you saw the truth? What if your yoga was enough? What if you were enough?
Imagine if you decided to stop worrying about everything and just walked in the light and accepted grace.
Imagine if, just for today, you nourished your body with food from the earth. Filled up with art and music and soulful gifts. Made a new friend. Did stuff that made you whole and happy.
What if you gave thanks to your body and mind for it's brilliance?
What if you found gratitude?
What if I told you that all that hurt you've been carrying is a choice you made? Would you put it down? Would you choose a different way?
If everything could be forgiven could you let it all go?
What if, in a moment of quiet, the universe spoke only to you?
What if she whispered of your divine magnificence?
Would you listen to the truth?



A moment of confession...

the_night_sea_(sml) that bethel of sound

I aroused my dark thoughts into silent invocation.

A small utterance of protest,

Against the darkening pall of wasteful words.

A thrown mass that held a storm

in its gravid deliverance.

The moist air heavy,  

abounding with consequence.

I held my breath,

and dove beneath the weight of sound,

to enter a deep sea of silence.

What do you have to say?

Will it improve on silence?

I have realised of late, that I use chatter like a bridge between meaningful conversation. To all of you that know me well, I can hear you having a chortle-"Well, um yeah, the girl loves a chat." It's true.

Ever since I was a child, I've talked too much. Every teacher said it, some debating whether or not I have anything worth banging on about. I use words to connect, to soothe, to scold, to lift, to lighten, to laugh, to protest, to ponder and to question.

Some days I never stop with the endless drudge of bloody words until I fall exhausted into bed, heaving big old sighs of wiped-out-sick-of-the-sound-of-my-own-voice.

Lately I've become more aware of the sheer volume of waste that pours forth from my muzzle. Just loose cannon blah-blah stuff that interrupts the quiet, it's made me question-

"Do I have anything to say that will improve on silence?"

I've begun to daydream about transforming into the strong silent type. Or at the very least, just the sometimes quiet one.


The truth is I love silence. The three am quiet that descends on the house. Hallways filled with soft breathing and stillness, a dog far-off. All is far away in that moment. Putting on my coat and stepping outside, black trees against an indigo sky, the gentle light of the moon, the grass seems laid out smooth.

In this soft, languid quiet it's hard to fathom anything other than a peaceful world.

I am reminded of my time as a painter. It took me many years to arrive at a balance point in my work. It's experience and a good dose of confidence that prompts you to leave space in a painting. A place to rest- it's like visual silence.

Why not apply the same principal to speech? "Will it improve on silence?" Or music, television, media. So much noise and distraction and entertainment. We have arrived at some strange place of fear- that silence might hold some uncomfortable truth at it's centre.

But what if all that it held was a profound state of peaceful awareness? Nothing more or less than that. I'm so desperate for a little space to rest...


A High tide lifts all the little boats...

DSCN0068 What do you leave behind when you walk out of a room?

When was the last time you considered what you stand for, what you're dishing up or handing out?

I've spent the last week totally immersed in all things Yoga philosophy. But regardless of your beliefs (or mine), it made me consider my impression on the people around me. Am I doing a good job as a parent? Friend? Human being? What's my own philosophy on life and do I have the courage to look at my failings?

I'm interested in hearing your top three rules for life. What would you like to teach your small ones? Leave me a comment and share your wisdom. After all the terrible sadness in the news today, let's find some positivity. I thought about it for a bit, and here's mine...

"A high tide lifts all the little boats." A beautiful, evocative sentiment and a good way to live. Be happy and see the best in everyone and everything. Why not, where possible? Laugh a lot, forgive and play nice.

"Eat real food". I love the saying that if your great gran didn't eat it, you shouldn't either. There is so much confusion over what to put in our mouths today! Paleo, raw, vegan, macrobiotic and don't even start me on the crap in our supermarkets. So much unnecessary angst! If it's organic or homegrown. Perfect. If you can't afford organic, eat as clean and as local as you can. There's no need for deprivation or diets. Real food, not too much. Simple.

"Keep a secret, share a smile, tell the truth". Gossip is the language of little. Be a good friend and keep your confidences close. Thumper's mum was all over this. If you can't say something nice, don't say nuttin' at all. Try not to lie. It's difficult, but speaking the truth is a superpower! Become a truth speaker and concern yourself with the important stuff.

What's your truth?

Michelle xx


Speaking of the wolf...

IMG_0927 copy Sometimes it's really difficult to tell the truth.

In yoga we call it observing Satya, but it's pretty much one of the first lessons we learn in this life...tell the truth. Simple.

But sometimes it's ugly,



I made a commitment to myself recently to become someone who is brave enough to be honest and to tell my story. I've had my share of teeth clenching terror and cold dark hurting. The wolf has made it's den outside my door, I've been there.

But those days are past.

Now my life is all about warm hugs and muddy puddles. Singing around campfires and loud family dinners. The sun never leaves my back. I'm grateful that the tide has turned for me, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't use our voice in service for others. I have long ago forgiven and I often forget but I'm aware of my fortune in this regard.

Speak out against violence and abuse of any kind. Use your voice against those who harm our children and hurt our humanity. Just tell the truth.

Michelle xx

I am featured in the july issue of wild sister magazine speaking about the New Feminism. I was asked to tell my story in Be The Change.