Sore no more juice and pide

I awoke with a small five year old girl snug beside me, big blue eyes still sleepy. It was a lovely way to begin the weekend. I rolled over, ready to start my morning routine and....

Ok, who swapped my body for this aching ball of tension?? Why do I feel like I've been hauling around concrete in my sleep? What did I do yesterday??
The truth is I don't really know. I may have used some different muscles during yesterdays class and believe me when I say, their presence has been noticed. Some relief was required and my mind turned to breakfast. I am a girl who likes to make her food her medicine after all, and it just so happens that the answer to my issue was currently dominating my vege patch.
Cucumber is actually part of the melon family. It's packed with loads of nutrients including silica for building muscle. It's 96% water so it's great for hydration and it's alkaline, helping to combat acidity in the body. It reduces inflammation (bring it) and promotes healing in our muscles. Add some rockmelon and you've got yourself a recipe for the perfect after class tipple.

It's sister fruit has loads of potassium which has a magical way of ridding the body of excess sodium helping to maintain flexibility. It aids in cramp prevention and assists in oxygenating the brain which slows your heart rate and leads you down a lovely garden path towards beautiful feelings of calm. Bring on the juicer.

Cucumber and Rockmelon Juice

1 enormous dinosaur cucumber (or 2 small ones)
½ rockmelon
½ lemon
Run everything through the juicer and serve immediately over ice. :)

Pide stuffed with spinach and feta

(serves two hungry yogis)
1 cup self raising flour
1 cup plain yoghurt
pinch salt
1 bunch spinach
100g blanched spinach leaves
*Mix flour, salt and yoghurt together to form a sticky dough.
*Allow to rest in the fridge (I usually make the dough the night before if I'm making this for breakfast.)
*Divide into two balls and roll out into a thin weird circle-ish shape on a floured surface.
*Scatter half the spinach and feta over one half of the circle and fold the dough over to form a semicircle. Pinch the edges over to seal.
*Heat a dry frypan over medium heat and add your pide. cook both sides until browned and serve. :)
Michelle xx