Beauty mark

IMG_1478 Ever considered what your idea of the perfect earthly existence might be?

Mine would be an endless yoga workshop. Just show up, throw your mat down and get happy people. Learn stuff, use your body and your mind. Be amongst good bendy folks that smile easily and laugh freely and eat their veggies. The best thing about yoga is well yoga but the next best thing is definitely yogis.

I cannot believe that there are still people in my life that have never tried yoga. What?? It's like saying you've never tried ice cream or french brie. Why not? I seriously do not comprehend a life lived without some experience of this practice. Really?

Native Americans might talk about something possessing the quality of Beauty. However, the word Beauty doesn't have the same shallow definition to them as it might to us. The word Beauty to them is richly layered, spiritual and surprising, majestic or moving. It doesn't refer to a comely lass or flash ride. It's applied to those things that wake us up to magic, mystery and awe.

We live in a Beautiful world. (Despite what the news might want us to believe, thats a whole other bale of hay.) But if you can do something. Do it often and all the better to do it with good folks. Maybe try and do it well, not perfectly, just with a full heart of trying. Your life will open to the promise of Beauty.

...and that experience will mark your entire life.

A Beauty mark.





Packed lunch salad jar

IMG_1859 Who doesn't love a weekend workshop??

It is my absolute favourite way to learn almost anything (I have no real interest in performing open heart surgery or running the country so we're all safe). :)

Because this method of learning is short and sweet, I believe you always get the best out of a teacher and the other participants. This weekend I'm attending a Fertility Yoga weekend with Yoga Baby. I'm very much looking forward to exploring  and embracing a whole bunch of feminine awesomeness!

As always, one of my first concern is lunch so I thought I'd share my jar salad with you. It took me 5 minutes to make and should keep me saluting the moon all day.

Salad jar packed lunch

½ cup quinoa

½ chopped granny smith

handful spinach

1 T chopped toasted walnuts

¼ avocado


1 t dijon mustard

1 T white wine vinegar

2 T olive oil

pinch salt.

* shake dressing in your chosen jar

* mix salad ingredients in a bowl and add dressing

*put everything back into your jar

Serves one hungry wisdom seeker :)