No Bunny Food for Breakfast!

IMG_1996 Hallelujah! Finally we've been sprung. The days are slowly getting longer and the sun has been high and bright. I love this time of year in Australia.

Its funny how much the seasons affect my mood (and my food). I get such a boost of optimism with the warmer weather and the garden gives up the good stuff. The zucchinis have gotten showy. Huge fulvous blooms that beg to be stuffed with lemon scented ricotta and fried in olive oil. One cannot live on green juice alone- a brisk (long) walk should take care of this breakfast treat before it slides south to my thighs. Tomatoes dressed in a little more oil ensure the calorific count remains high enough to present a challenge! Some pretty flowers provide a welcome distraction from any conscientious objections from the green-goodness police in my mind.

Life is short my friends and if you can't linger over fried cheese, it may not be worth the melancholy of a wasted spell. Eat up.

The back deck is warm by 7am and there is to be so much chatter amongst the butcher birds. They've learnt that we're good for a free meal and line up along the balustrade while the kids toss them half their breakfast. The dog looks on bemused at their good fortune.

We are all swept up in busy weeks at the moment. The kids are over scheduled, my beloved and I are go,go,go. Weekend breakfasts are a wonderful antidote to the push and pull of obligation. We talk about our plans for the garden and the future while my girl picks more tomatoes from the vine. Bliss.

No need for a fancy recipe here. Grab a zucchini flower, take out the stamen and  stuff with a mixture of ricotta, lemon zest and soft herbs. Crumb them and shallow fry them until golden. Eat them hot and oozy with tomato salad and lemon wedges. Grab a patch of sunshine and linger a while. No rabbit food today. If your feeling guilty about all this crispy fried goodness, wash it all down while a kale and quinoa smoothie. :)

Some days are better spent seeking pleasure and besides, the bunnies want their breakfast back. :)


Michelle xx