Because I only teach a maximum of eight students per class, you must make a booking and register for classes. If the class is full, I will notify you asap.

If you wish to cancel a booking, please give me four hours notice or you will still be charged for the class.       

Yoga for Every Body

Monday  9.30-11.00am

Tuesday  6.30-8.00pm

Thursday 6.30-8.00pm

Friday  9.30-11.00am

Saturday  8.00am-9.30am


 A ninety minute class that focuses on uniting body, mind and spirit by creating whole body awareness, in an encouraging and supportive environment. Class is limited to eight students. Suitable for absolute beginners, the yoga space is inclusive and non-judgemental, kindness is manditory! Our practice is grounded in tradition focusing on good alignment and breath work. Classes are limited to eight students and include the use of props and our yoga wall.  Classes include modifications for every body. Steady and stable, we explore each pose and strive to create ease in our bodies and our minds. Our aim is to create strength and flexibility by working with compassion and dedication. 


Yoga For Healing

Wednesday 6.30-8.00pm


A ninety minute, quiet rejuvenating practice to alleviate stress and encourage deep healing and peace. If you've never done restorative yoga, think warm blankets and lots of props to support your body as you relax. It's not strenuous at all and is perfect for stress, anxiety or for those recovering from injury. This class incorporates the use of candles, medicine drums, singing bowls, blankets, bolsters, and (sometimes) our yoga wall. I use every tool I can to create an experience that nourishes  every body. Suitable for all levels, I incorporate short meditations with supported yoga postures. My aim is to guide you in deep relaxation in order to allow for  your body and mind to be restored to wellness.  Limited to six students.



                                                   12 class pass $185

                                                   6 Class pass $99

                                                   Casual class $20

                                                   Private class $65 hour

*12 class passes can be shared by couples.


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